Our Volunteers Are What Make Ride the Rim So Much Fun!

People are excited to be able to ride their bikes in the national park without car traffic. Cyclists will have questions and our volunteers are the front line representatives of the Park and the Event Organizers.  Volunteer needs include parking attendants, set-up, tear-down, bike corral attendants and rest-stop attendants. 

Please fill out the Volunteer Form if you are interested in volunteering.  Thank you in advance.    

Parking Attendant

Volunteers and Park Staff will  be stationed at North Junction and Park HQ directing vehicles to safe parking areas designated by Park Staff. Expected hours for this position are between 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM.


There are five rest stops, equally spaced around Rim Drive that must be set-up early in the morning before the event officially begins at 8:00 AM.  Set-up consists of unloading and erecting canopies, setting up tables and chairs, unboxing snacks and supplies, setting up informational signs and materials, and generally getting organized to service a couple thousand cyclists on the day of the event. Expected hours for this position are 5:30 AM to 8:00 AM.


Tear-down begins at 6:00 PM and should be completed by 8:00 PM. In most cases tear-down will be completed in under 30 minutes for each stop. Tear-down consists of breaking everything at the rest stop down and preparing it to load into a van or trailer. Tear-down includes dismantling and packaging up canopies, folding and stacking tables and chairs, consolidating leftover snacks and supplies, breaking down and stacking all leftover cardboard, and cleaning the site of all debris and trash. Expected hours for this position are 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Bike Corral Attendants

Ride the Rim provides free, Bike Corrals for participants to place their bikes while they retrieve their vehicles.  Volunteers use a ticketing system to ensure each bike returns to its proper owner.  Bike Corrals are located at North Junction and Park HQ. Expected hours for this position are 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Rest Stop Attendant

Volunteers are asked to help stock snacks as needed, keep rest stop areas clean of debris, answer questions about Crater Lake National Park as asked, and provide support and encouragement to participants. Because the East Rim Drive is closed to vehicular traffic, volunteers at those rest stops located on the inside of the route are expected to work 10 hour days as we do not allow vehicles on the route during the event, with the exception of Emergency Personnel.  These ‘out on the rim’ rest stops  include Cleetwood Cove, White-Bark Pine, and Dutton Ridge.  Volunteers at North Junction and Park HQ may work shorter shifts since this is where the parking areas have been designated.

Volunteers at North Junction and Park HQ will also be responsible for registration and checking in participants as needed.

We also ask our rest stop attendants to assign a person to use a clicker to count how many people come to a rest stop.  North Junction and Park HQ will each have a second clicker and person responsible for counting participants beginning the East Rim Drive route.

Rest Stop Attendants will also be expected to break down each stop at the end of the day.  This consists of clean off tables, collecting signage, sort recycling, pick up trash, and condense all leftover food, if any.  Expected hours for this position are 7:30 AM to 6:15 PM.

Volunteer Swag

Our Volunteers receive an event t-shirt as a THANK YOU for helping at the event.  Check out the shirt and sizing chart so you can indicate which size you would like.

Volunteer Form

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