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East Rim Under Construction

as of 9.15.23

We will see a single lane paved throughout the construction area for all but 800 feet on 9/16. Those traveling counterclockwise will have pavement for the entire length of the ride.

as of 9.13.23

We will see a single lane paved almost entirely for the 9/16 event.  The inside lane closest to the lake will be paved, with the exception of a very small portion, according to the construction crew.  This means those traveling in a clockwise direction will have a paved lane.  Those traveling in a counter-clockwise direction will continue to have their lane paved.

Also, please note ALL riders must obey posted speed limits, wear helmets while on the route, and adhere to basic cycling etiquette while riding.  This includes allowing space for other riders, passing safely, sharing the road, staying on the appropriate side of the road (the right), and communicating with fellow participants either verbally or with hand signals.


as of 8.30.23

The portion of East Rim Drive just past Cleetwood Cove to White Bark Pine will remain under construction for the Ride the Rim event.   This area, roughly a 4.3 mile section, will remain packed gravel for the 9/9 event similar the image below.  A single lane will be paved for the 9/16 event.  Also, during the event, the road to Cloudcap Overlook will be closed and under construction.  Please plan your route accordingly.  You can refer to the map below:  Yellow is the gravel area and black is closed.

as of 7.15.23

Crater Lake's scenic drive will be safer and smoother thanks to the $56 million Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) project. The upgrade will improve a total of 19 miles of East Rim Drive and the Cloudcap Spur Road, enhancing visitor access to panoramic views, hiking trails, and recreational areas. The project includes stabilizing the road, replacing pavement, repairing historic walls, improving drainage, and enhancing parking areas. The restoration will protect the lake and its features, reduce congestion, and increase recreational opportunities. The project will take about five years to complete beginning this summer and is funded by GAOA's Legacy Restoration Fund, aimed at addressing maintenance backlogs in national parks.

What does this mean for Ride the Rim? There will be a portion of East Rim, the vehicle free route, that will remain under construction at the time of the event leaving an area unpaved.  At this time, we do not know exactly where that location will be or how big it will be.  We will notify all participants just before the event what to expect and location of the construction area. NPS staff is working closely with the construction crew, who is well aware of Ride the Rim, and have asked them to do their best to make the area as passable as possible for bikes. More information to come as we are closer to the event dates.

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