Important Updates


If you are interested in purchasing a jersey and to be able to wear at the event, be sure to get your jersey ordered on or before July 30, 2019.  We will place our first order on July 31st in order to allow enough time for production and shipping to you!  We will place a second order a week after the Ride the Rim 21st ride weekend.  You can also see and order a jersey at the Carbo-Load Dinner.   GET MY JERSEY NOW



We want to welcome JiMMYBARS! to Ride the Rim.  They have graciously decided to sponsor our event with their snacks for 2019.  JiMMYBAR! was born in 2013 directly from frustration of bar choices on the market full of junk ingredients.  After creating truly clean bars and only being in business for 3 years, JiMMYBAR! quickly grew and began distributing their bars coast to coast and in several countries across the globe.  Offering more than 20 flavors, each bar features simple nutrition information so easy to read, even a 6 year old can read it.  Their bars are simple, made with clean, quality ingredients, and taste good too.  Welcome JiMMYBARS! to Ride the Rim!  Learn More



Come join us at our Carbo-Load Dinner the Friday night before the ride, each weekend, from 4pm to 9pm.  We will be dining at the lovely Biagio’s Bar and Grille located on the Harbor Isles Golf Course in Klamath Falls.  Mingle with the other riders who are ready to experience Crater Lake, just like you! Choose a three course meal that comes with mixed green salad, house made bread, a non-alcoholic drink, and a dessert.  We will also have fun lawn games to enjoy and live music!  Dinner tickets must be purchased ahead of time!!! 

Cost:  $22 per person (gratuity and alcoholic beverages not included)

Menu Options:

  • Citrus Pesto Pasta – light cream, pesto sauce with sun dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, onions and artichoke hearts (grilled chicken can be added by request)
  • Lasagna – meat or veggie in a red sauce
  • Grilled chicken with veggies and boiled potatoes

Each meal includes mixed green salad with assorted dressings, house made bread, non-alcoholic drink, and a dessert. Get your tickets now