THANK YOU SO MUCH for an incredible event! I was absolutely blown away at the level of support, volunteer effort, engagement and turn out for Car Free Crater Lake. This was hands down one of my favorite cycling adventures. The support stations were well spaced and well stocked with snacks and water. The volunteers were so kind and encouraging (and knowledgeable!). I had only anticipated for the road to be shut down to cars but I was pleasantly surprised to learn there were support stations every few miles. The volunteers were encouraging and friendly and the snacks were delicious! Thank you again for such a well planned and executed event!

S. Jones,

After the ride — It was GREAT. The organization and support for the ride were impressive, the weather couldn’t have been better, and the stops along the way were timely and well equipped. Never had such a great ride for free! Thank you.

F. Eastman,

Did the ride on the 19th. Very grateful for the rest stations and the terrific treats – Clif products, fruit, and water! Wonderful group of volunteers, everyone was very friendly and helpful. Did not use the shuttle, first aid, or bike mechanics, but glad to know those services were there had I needed them. The degree of support and organization for this year’s event was a complete surprise…Thank you Klamath County, Friends of Crater Lake, Clif, National Park Service, and all of the other sponsors and volunteers.

M. Reed,

Thank you Ride the Rim! We had a fantastic ride and were absolutely blown away by the sheer beauty of Crater Lake… Would love to see more car-free events….Oregon is one of our favorite states to visit.

J. Weiss,