Important Updates

We regretfully announce that we are cancelling our Post Ride the Rim Event that was to be Downtown Klamath Falls after the event at Crater Lake. We had a lack of volunteers to help us man this event and unfortunately had to cancel. If you purchased a Dinner Ticket, you will be refunded no later than August 24th, the end of this week. If you do not see your refund come through, please email us. We apologize greatly. If you are looking for something to do the evening of the ride, check out our events calendar.

Lightning on July 15 ignited dozens of fires in southwest Oregon. Most these fires are southwest of the park, but one sizeable fire is currently burning in the park’s northeast corner. At this time, it is not a threat to park attractions or visitors. However, smoke from the fires outside the park are likely to cause hazy skies, reduced visibility, and at times, poor air quality. All fires within the park boundaries are 100% contained at this time.

There has been smoke in the air on and off, mostly due to the fires that surround the park in the Southern Oregon region. Even with the smoke in the air, the air quality has not typically been in any unhealthy ranges. Only very sensitive groups may see any problems. The best time to see/view the lake has been earlier in the mornings. We have seen the winds shift around 2:00 PM which begin to blow more smoke into the park. This confirms our strong suggestion for most all riders to begin their Ride the Rim route as early as possible. We cannot gauge what the smoke will be like on event days because we rely completely on the wind direction and intensity, which we may receive an estimated forecast only a few days in advance. To check the current visibly at Rim Village, view this webcam. For up to date information on the air quality in the area, visit or the Oregon Smoke Information Blog.

There are currently road construction areas on West Rim Drive and East Rim Drive, however, these areas are fully paved. Construction crews will not be in operation on Ride the Rim days, however their equipment may still be present in some pull-outs along Rim Drive.